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What will the future mobile phones 2025–2030 look like? Have ever this question passed your mind? If yes, then this article is surely a must-read for you!

At this time span, no one can imagine their lives without mobile phones. From men to women, and even children are not spending a second without mobile phone technology. Everyone has this small world in their hands. So what else can tech future hold new for us? How impactable it will be?

About ten years before, there were phones with buttons, and their biggest feature was changing the ringtone, which was quite fun to do, moreover, messaging people, and making the calls.

And now, we already have entered the 5G era which is far way better than the previous generations, we not only make calls but also capture our precious moments, and can stay in touch with everyone around the world. There are numerous mobile applications that have made lives much easier.

Just stay at home and get whatever you want, it is food, grocery items, or clothing, everything is just one click away.

This is a drastic change in mobile phone technology. Thinking back if someone had told us in the past that mobile phones will change to this extent and get hold over our lives this way we surely hadn’t believe it because it was not imaginable at that time.

In addition to the advanced mobile features, what can be the next phase of mobile technology?

So thinking about mobile phone present advancement, here are some predictions related to upcoming future technology, what will future mobile phones 2025 or 2030 look like!

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Future Phones 2030 can control our minds

iPhone, Siri, Alexa, and Google voice are some of the examples of it.

Taking these things into consideration the next time in mobile phone technology is mind control, and mind reader. Speaking frankly what we think in our minds, it can perform in the phones.

We can click pictures, change settings, send messages, and make calls just making a little spark of thought. This is such a time save that we do not have to find our app; we think it, and it just happens.

This looks quite unrealistic, but have you ever thought about touch screens in the past?

Advanced Future phones 2020 will be stretchable

Talking about the stretchable phone, it will be like you can stretch your phone so that you can change its sizes. Although there are limitations, you can most importantly increase the size of your phone while watching videos and decreasing its size while putting it in your pocket.

An amazing fact is that Samsung is working on this miracle.

Engineering researches of Michigan state university succeeded in making the first stretchable circuit.

Chuan Wang, assistant professor at Michigan State University, says, The work we do could lead to printed displays soon, and it can easily stretch to larger sizes. Moreover, there will be soft robotics applications and wearable electronics as a predictable fact.

They may have a variety of colors

The body absorbs the light of the LED and gets the color of light. The most interesting fact is you can change the color according to demand and style.

And the glass body is unbreakable too, so we do not have to be afraid of damage.

Mobiles will have air charging in future

So one of the interesting predictions in future phones 2030 is charging your phone with the air from many miles away.

This technology charges your phone through the air with the help of powerful transmitters, so you do not have to keep your charger with you, and you do not have to wait for hours and hours for your battery fulfillment.

Charging through the air always keeps your phone on 100 percent, so you do not have to worry about battery life, and none of your works gets interrupted just by the shortage of your phone’s battery life.

This technology charges your mobile phones and your smartwatches, your Air Pods, and your electric cars as well.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

On the other hand, augmented reality can provide the digital elements to the already present species with the help of the camera, which is also helpful in many fields especially for students.

And these can only be turned into reality with the development of mobile phone technology.

Future mobiles will hold holographic displays

If you do not know what holographic displays are, you might have seen it in your favorite marvel movies.

The queen’s university of Canada creates the demo of holo flex, as the name shows holo flex is both the holographic and flexible phone at the same time. This seems quite unreal and amazing, and it could be our future one day.

Chatbot and Artificial intelligence Systems

Everyone will have the usage of the chatbot to address conversations regarding information that may be effortlessly obtained by the usage of an AI-infused system. Bots will update any overall guide performance. Therefore customer support charges may also be decreased.


Similarly, we may expect the long run phones to observe our heartbeats, check our blood glucose and vital sign level and warn about more health-related anomalies, etc.

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